from 15 to 12 000 km away…

We’re so glad You are here! Master Coms students from all around the world who gathered together to create this vibrant blog for sharing their #Romance♡InBudapest experience! Dating & current realities as the core topic will be divided into blocks:

  • first date outfit
  • taking a glance at what international dating might be like
  • dating apps and the psychological aspect behind the platform
  • safety & security of dating

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The weather is getting warmer, the sun brighter, and our sex lives wilder. It is a cliché saying that summer is the time for loving. However, The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine did a study that showed that sexual activity is actually at its peak in the summer months. So, if you are experiencing boosted sex drive at the beginning of summer, you are not alone — and it’s scientifically proven. Here is why:

1. Harvard Medical School psychiatrists suppose it’s the sun that makes you experience the summer lust. Being exposed to the sun increases your serotonin levels, which are the key neurotransmitters allowing you to experience a pleasure. …

Does your partner see you only as a bed-mate? Everyone wonders about the future of their relationship. You might reconsider your relationship by answering our questions.

Source: Romance in Budapest

Nowadays, the number of temporary relationships is increasing. Naturally, everyone tries to find an answer to the following question: “Does my partner really love…

When it comes to romantic love in Budapest, we have to discuss a problem that worries mandarin ducks who fall in love-where to date and what food to share together.

Today, my romantic strategy comes from Sex and the City, a classic American TV series that has been popular all…

Romance in Budapest

Coms students from around the world gathered together to create this vibrant blog for sharing their#Romance♡InBudapest experience!

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